Grafimec, leader in second-hand machinery:
our core business is the purchase and sale of used equipment for GRAPHICS ARTS


We have a wide range of used machines already present in our warehouse: upon confirmation of a new order, our specialized technicians can immediately begin the overhaul phase of the machinery, followed by testing and subsequently installation at the client company.

Grafimec, leader in the overhaul and trade of used paper cutters.

In addition to sales, we also deal with consultancy, technical assistance, maintenance and movement of the machinery.

Grafimec is the New Bizzozero

We are proud to announce that in 2023 we have acquired the Bizzozero brand.
Grafimec therefore holds the intellectual property of Bizzozero, as well as the spare parts, consumables and the Bizzozero wire staplers themselves, new or used and reconditioned.

Do you own a Bizzozero stapler and need spare parts, assistance, manuals or are you considering replacing it? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Are you looking for paper cutters, peripherals to match the paper cutter, die-cutting machines, offset machines and post-print equipment on sale?

Discover the used equipment of the best brands offered by Grafimec.

Before being sold, our machines are completely dismantled, overhauled and brought up to standard. We also take care of delivery, installation and testing.