Grafimec, leader in the trade of used equipment for the GRAPHIC ARTS

Grafimec, founded about thirty years ago in Tribano, near Padova, where the company is still based, specializes in the trade of used equipment for the graphic arts.
The company is made up of Armando Castello, for more than forty years in the sector, and him children Andrea and Francesca, joined the company at a later time. Thanks to their experience, they can provide you with accurate advice on all the machines and spare parts available in stock.

Grafimec’s main customers have always been printers, bookbinders, paper converters, box factories, screen printers, digital printing centers, but also italian and foreign retailers.

Grafimec has a wide assortment of machinery for printing and post-printing: among these, paper cutters represent the core of the commercial activity. A good part of the company’s warehouse and investment is in fact dedicated to paper cutters, of different brands, models and formats: from the smallest sizes for the digital sector up to the largest for box factories, paper converters and bookbinders. Among the most requested and available brands in stock, Polar certainly prevails for its quality and reliability: however, there is no shortage of other houses, such as Schneider and Wohlenberg.

As well as paper cutters,Grafimec is also specialized in the overhaul and sale of other post-printing equipment, such as die-cutting machines, medium-small folders, collators, creasers, staplers and other finishing equipment, as well as spare parts and accessories.

A team of specialized technicians with years of experience in the sector

From arrival at the company to delivery to the end customer, the machinery follows a very accurate process by specialized technicians, which consists of the complete overhaul of every mechanical and electronic part, in bringing it into compliance with current regulations and in testing, both before and after its installation at the client company. Grafimec can therefore be defined as a real workshop, from which the machinery comes out perfectly functional, like new.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Grafimec can therefore also offer an extremely professional technical assistance service, not only to direct customers but also to non-customer companies that encounter needs for intervention on some machinery: timeliness and quality represent two fundamental values that distinguish Grafimec, especially in this service.

In parallel with assistance interventions, Grafimec technicians also take care of ordinary maintenance, to be carried out on the machinery at a fixed frequency to ensure better functionality and durability of the same.

Finally, a further service is that of the movement of the machinery itself, such as paper cutters, platens, and other machinery for printing and post-printing: a highly requested service especially for those companies that have to reorganize the working premises or more simply have to carry out movements from one warehouse to another.