We close 2023 fully satisfied: welcome 2024

Another year has come to an end, and as with everything it is necessary to take stock of these last 12 months.

2023 was also a very profitable year, in which we worked a lot in terms of sales, revisions, technical assistance and maintenance, movements: we can consider ourselves fully satisfied, and for this we can only thank our entire team who dedicates their 100% commitment to responding to our customers’ requests in a timely and decisive manner.

In addition to technical assistance and maintenance throughout Italy, this year, especially in the last few months, we have recorded a record number of installations: all the machines are the result of a complete overhaul by our technicians in our workshop in Tribano (PD), the which are then tested for entire days and installed at the customer’s site. Thanks to the mechanical and electronic skills of our team, these used machinery and equipment already present in our vast warehouse are completely dismantled, cleaned and repainted in every part, perfectly overhauled mechanically and electronically, reassembled and tested. Once all these phases have been completed, the machinery appears like new, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a functional point of view, with all the appropriate covers and safety devices, in compliance with the regulations in force in CE terms.

A very challenging year also from an investment point of view: in addition to a further expansion of the workforce, we have increased the stock of available equipment. In this way, during the visit to the company, customers can view and directly touch a larger number of machines which, once ordered and overhauled, will be installed directly by our technicians at their company.

Finally, with great pride, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Bizzozero brand: Grafimec therefore becomes the official manufacturer and retailer of: new wire stitching machines, used and reconditioned stitching machines, spare parts and consumables such as spools of metal wire for different processes. If you own a Bizzozero stitching machine and need spare parts, assistance, manuals or are considering replacing it then do not hesitate to contact us!

The goal for 2024 is to continue with this trend, continuing to invest from the point of view of human resources but also in terms of machinery and technologies. Looking at the short term, we can say that we expect a very busy start to the new year, following the numerous orders recorded at the end of last year.

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