Grafimec: overhaul guarantee for used products in the post-printing sector

In a period in which the incentives and benefits for the purchase of new items are becoming increasingly interesting, working in the second-hand market represents a challenge that in our daily lives we try to face head on, aware of offering valid and long-lasting products even though they are not being new from the factory. To achieve these standards we have become increasingly perfected over the years, continuously expanding and specializing the team of technicians who work in our internal workshop: today, thanks to our mechanics and electronics, we are able to offer used machinery on the market (even 20/30 years) in appearance and above all functionally like new. In fact, from arrival in the company to delivery to the end customer, the machinery follows a very accurate process by our technicians, which consists in the complete overhaul of every mechanical and electronic part and in bringing it up to standard according to the provisions in force through control devices. cutting-edge security.

Although this process is applied to all the machines in our warehouse, paper cutters, packaging and post-printing equipment and die-cutting machines, we would like to underline the complexity of the overhaul work carried out especially on the latter, and more specifically on the Heidelberg Cilindro, machines that have made history in the graphic arts sector and which are still in great demand on the market, despite production ending in the 1980s. And precisely for this reason it is our concern to continue to market them, first carrying out a complete review and compliance process with the insertion of all the safety devices previously not foreseen but currently mandatory and very important for working safely.

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