Let’s say goodbye to 2022 and take a look at 2023

We have now reached the new year and it is inevitable to take stock of the past year and the results achieved and start thinking about the objectives of what has just begun.

For Grafimec, 2022 was a profitable year full of investments which undoubtedly contributed to an increase in requests, assistance and signed orders. First of all, there was an expansion of the workforce, especially in the internal workshop, which allowed us to respond more promptly to requests for intervention and speed up the delivery times of the commissioned machinery. We have also increased the stock of available equipment, purchasing a new warehouse a few steps from the headquarters, in Tribano (Padua): in this way, during the visit to the company, customers can view and directly touch a larger number of machinery which, once ordered and overhauled, will be installed directly by our technicians at their company. Finally, in 2022 we can say that we have recorded more and more contacts with paper converting and bookbinding companies, which usually require larger format machinery compared to digital printing centers or printers. We can therefore say we are fully satisfied with both the investments made and the results achieved.

The goal for 2023 is to continue with this trend, continuing to invest from a human resources point of view but also on a digital level, further optimizing our online presence through the website and social channels. Looking at the short term, we can say that a spring full of installations awaits us, following the numerous orders recorded at the end of last year but this does not scare us at all, since as already mentioned our strength is the enormous availability of machines warehouse, which allows us to significantly reduce delivery times from the moment the order is accepted by the customer.

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