Stitching machines: Grafimec acquires the Bizzozero brand

cucitrici bizzozero usate

We are proud to announce that a few months ago we acquired the Bizzozero brand: Grafimec therefore holds the intellectual property of Bizzozero, as well as the spare parts, consumables and the Bizzozero stitiching machines, new or used and reconditioned.

Reliability, durability and convenience are the key words to define Bizzozero stitching machines, machines that have written history in the graphic arts sector. In fact, these machines are among the most famous in the world, and the demand for these stitching machines is high not only in Italy, but also abroad. The large-scale diffusion of this equipment is also due to the historicity of the brand and the company.

A bit of history…

Bizzozero was born in Milan in 1939 with the design and production of wire stitching machines for bookbinding and cardboard boxes. Over the years, thanks to the commercial success, the business continues and develops following market demands and technological evolution. In over 70 years Bizzozero has stood out for the reliability of its machines, distribution in the national and international territory, efficiency and timeliness in technical assistance and in the supply of spare parts, which are also produced internally. In 2023 Bizzozero was acquired by Grafimec: with the acquisition of the brand, Grafimec became the official manufacturer and supplier of wire stitching machines but also of all its spareparts, as well as reseller of consumables for the same machines.

Do you own a Bizzozero stitching machine and need spare parts, assistance, manuals or are you considering replacing it? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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